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Omninet is an authorised reseller of many respectable computer

and accessories manufactures, with names like Compaq, Hewlett-Packard,

Toshiba, and Palm amongst others.

We also offer our range of OMNI- PC's, assembled in Cyprus,

using the most reliable equipment of the market.

For unbeatable deals on Desktop  Laptop and Handheld computers,

Printers, Scanners, and all sorts of IT products, send an e-mail to:



  Amoi Amoi Notebooks and Desktop computers

 Hewlett - Packard  Notebooks and Desktop computers


 Toshiba  Notebooks and Desktop computers

    IBM  Notebooks and Desktop computers

 Palm   Handheld PC's


 OMNI-PC's   assembled according to the specifications YOU choose,  by the team of our experienced engineers, using the best and most reliable equipment of the market

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