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Apart from the traditional way of checking your e-mail through dedicated software, 

we offer you the chance to use our Webmail services. 

This is giving you the opportunity  to check your mail from anywhere in the world,

as long as you establish an internet connection. Please follow the associated links,

according to the type of your e-mail:

1.  Dial-up customers :

E-mails with an "@omninet.com.cy" extension ONLY.

(ie: user@omninet.com.cy).



2.  Business (Hosting) customers only :

E-mails with an "@.....(yourdomain).com / .net / .cy" :

http://webmail.(your full domain name incl. extension)

i. e.   http://webmail.omninet.net.cy

(Note the absence of www.) 

and log using your full email / username including your domain

i.e.  abcd@omninet.net.cy  and your password

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